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Flip Brick in Zebrawood by Stickybrick Labs

Regular price $120.00

Our smallest and lowest-priced device has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The Flip Brick is available in Walnut, Cherry, Rock Maple, and Black Limba, and is a direct WPA for all your water or J-hook needs. Designed to sit upright to store or load, the device flips to attach to your glass.

The Flip Brick is made by hand from the same high-quality hardwood, hand-blown glass, and super-powerful rare earth magnets as all of our other devices. Every Flip Brick ships with both 18.8mm and 14.4mm Male glass connectors to fit most glass right out of the box. The Flip Brick also ships with a 6-pack of screens, one stainless and two wooden stir sticks, a butane torch, two Restrictor Discs, and instructions for use.

Now ships with one Sticky Pad.  The Flip Brick also works nicely as an injector bowl for any number of the injector PID Coil driven units on market.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dannie M
I think I’m in love!

Finally broke down and purchased this after a few months of debating about it. I’m sure glad I did! I wanted something to hook up to my water pieces and this was the right call. Smooth hits great taste. The wood looks beautiful. Very well made product.

Robert Shaffer
Stickybrick set

These sticky bricks are all from Vgoodiez. The newly acquired flip brick is really amazing. I enjoy using these with hotrod and CH B2 injector.
Thanks to Vgoodiez for the awesome customer service and making all these gems available to us all.

Ken Bonfield

I’ve had my eye in Sticky Brick Labs vaporizers for a couple years now. I use water for about 95% of my sessions so the Flip Brick made the most sense.

I love the way it looks and the wood is stunning.

And I couldn’t be happier with the performance. Very easy to set up, and my sessions have been outstanding. Really glad I added this to my collection.