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Elev8R "E43" Enail Bundle by 7th Floor / Disorderly Conduction

Regular price $250.00

Take your Elev8R to the next level with temp controlled heat on an enail controlled system.   

This vaporizer comes with a patent pending unique designed heater that turns our modified conical joint into a vape beast. This also comes with a wand for standalone vaporizing, as well as a rig adapter so you can throw this on your favorite piece!

Using this vaporizer is as simple as filling your wand or rig adapter with your herb and/or concentrates of choice, torching the heater for 45 seconds with a butane torch, and inhaling for multiple, super flavorful hits.

All the glass of the Elev8R except the Quartz Heater is made from borosilicate glass in Colorado Springs by Elev8's own glass blowing team.

  • Designed for dry herbs 
  • All inclusive design 
  • Your Elev8R Dab Kit makes any dab rig a portable top of the line vaporizer
  • Borosilicate glass is worked and melted to the final product here in the USA.
  • Comes standard with the quartz Elev8R heater
  • G43 Heat Tech added

 Kit Includes

  • Disorderly Conduction Micro Controller and 16mm Coil
  • Elev8R kit including Bowl, Screens, Sick Klip, Quartz Heater and Tongs.  
  • 3mm Borosilicate beads for heater
  • Coil Burnoff
  • Coil Shaping
  • Quartz Heater install
  • (Optional Screen Choice for WPA)
  • (Optional Heater Stand)  ***Recommended if you don't have something!!


***No returns on this product.  Coils are tested for function prior to leaving the VGoodiez shack.  They are made to work with controllers sold by VGoodiez.  In this case it works well with the Disorderly Conduction Micro controller.  Other controllers may not work with these coils.  Just because the plug fits doesn't mean it's compatible.  You can short the coil and damage the controller with incompatible equipment.  Purchase at your own risk.  This is also a 110V coil.  We have not been able to source a 220v coil that works well with this application.  Please consider that if you are buying outside North America.  You need to use a 110v converter in your country.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Rip fil a combo with a side of awesomeness!!!

The best out-of-the-box experience I've ever had

Most vapes require some work to figure out, this was assembled and ready out of the box. All I had to do was plug the Elev8r coil into the controller and plug the controller into power.

It took a couple of minutes to go from 55 degrees to 650f (where I landed after research and testing some light bowls). I loaded a massive bowl to see what this thing can do. Close to a half gram, two different kinds of wax, the reason heavies exist. The first pull I could see the concentrates boil and melt into the herb, I took a nice hit out of the piece. Not milk, but great for any other vape.

I went ahead and stirred to integrate the trates, no problem with this thing, I didn't get a stand so I'm using another 18mm piece as the rest. The controller never dipped from 650 this run, so there was no reheat time. I took a pull and immediately started to see white walls on the piece. I just... kept... fucking... pulling... Watching the bowl remain white walled while I felt the pepper in my throat and lungs. I stopped breathing in and breathed out straight fucking milk, the bowl of my water piece was still milked up, the herb was only slightly browner.

3 more hits with stirs, the next 2 still white walled the piece. The last started to get really toasty, but it never got roasted tasting. I went ahead and dumped out the avb to very dark brown, totally dry, no trace of the trates. This thing is fucking amazing.

Great vape!

Totally impressed! - nice even heating, huge smooth hits, very clean vapor path and great price. Whats not to like? Highly recommended.

‘Diet’-Flower Pot

If you’re interested in a heavy hitting desktop look no further. The taste is great, super easy to use, and just looks cool in my opinion. Full extraction in 2-3 pulls at low temp with conservative packs. Only downside is the hot coil on the outside and the potential for the glass to break. But as someone who now has the unit those issues are very small in the grand scheme of things and I HIGHLY recommend this unit for both flower and concentrates! (If you want to do concentrates you need to get the disk from the accessories page)