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Long 19x19mm Stem in Cocobolo by Ed's TnT

Regular price $44.00

Custom stem fitting Tubo, Dreamwood Glow 18 RCV, Splinter, Milaana, Zion as well as other 19mm vapes.   19mm depth (19 x 19).

Works as a water pipe attachment with 14mm female connections.  


(1) Wood stem (grains may vary)- other stem in picture for scale and not included.

(3) Screens

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works well in my stempod

I got this beautiful baby after I dropped my glad stem and decided screw ever breaking another stem and I found this one. I originally wanted the black one for maximum stealth but this is still def better than having big ol glass stem. The craftsmanship is spot on and the wood is beautiful, although the vapor is noticably warmer than glass but it can also double as a wpa so that honestly is so clutch and works well for at home use. All in all is definitely say 10/10 it's exactly what I needed!

True functional art !

Really happy with my Ed'sTnT stems! They're not only beautifully made with quality hard woods but work damn good too! Lie the fact that they can be used as wpa and I don't have to be scared to drop them and brake them. later on my first stem choice not only or my RBT vapes but for any one with 19mm female joint. I can only but recommend them!