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Dynavap Spikey Cooling Stem by Glass Charlie - Long with Carb Hole and Anti-roll bump (Limited Run)

Regular price $24.99

Don't settle for imitations made in sweat shops!  Go with the ORIGINAL DynaVap glass cooling stem and support a family man!

This limited run is all in the large size and includes a carb hole and Anti-roll bump.

We get these shipped in all the way from the UK to make available to fans of Charlie's work here in the U.S!  

Designed to fit any Dynavap tip.  


*1 glass stem

*1 Pop Top Storage Tube (not pictured)

Random color selected.  

You are purchasing 1 glass stem.   Dynavap tip/cap is not included but available for sale separately.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great flavor, great cooling power

Unlike most other glass DynaVap stems, this model has a carb hole that allows you to mix in fresh air as you draw. I like that extra bit of control as it lets me make the hits as powerful or as comfortable as I like.

The spikes really do add a surprising amount of cooling factor, and since it's all glass you know the flavor is going to be great. What I didn't expect is that since this is so easy to clean I tend to clean it more often and the flavor stays pure. Aside from the Ed's TNT wpa, this is the only dynavap stem I use at home.

My first Dynavap! Wow this thing is awesome!

This was gifted to me by a friend, and it was my first time using the Dynavap. I also picked up a cap and tip to complete the setup.

I am amazed by the efficiency and potency of the vapor. The carb hole offers control over the vapor density and the cooling spikes are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The anti roll bump is such a thoughtful detail. I am thankful that they carry this product from glass_charlie.