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Dobby Special in Santos Palisander (Rosewood) by Dreamwood

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Dreamwood Dobby Special Vaporizer

Dreamwood Dobby is a small portable vaporizer completely made out of natural materials. 

Size of the wood body approx. 25mm x 60mm x 100mm
spare parts and accessories included: sieves, O-rings, jetlighter, stirring stick und natural woodcare polish.

Scope of delivery:

  • Dobby Vaporizer
  • bended heat intake glastube
  • mouthpiece glastube
  • jet-torch-lighter
  • stirring tool 
  • walnut woodwax
  • 3pc. small silicone o-ring
  • 3pc. big silicone o-ring 
  • 3 flat 16,5mm sieves
  • bag with tibet pattern

The flavor is unadulterated and pure, much more natural than with plastic devices.
The entire airway is made of natural materials and you will not notice any odors other than the different woods.
Many aromatic species are traditionally also used for aromatherapy purposes.
All materials used, e.g. the O-rings are harmless for health (silicone according to FDA regulations of the American food authority).
Delivery always with versatile tools, spare parts and a little wooden polish. Coconut oil or walnut oil with beeswax are natural, seal and protect the wood and give new shine.

Further notes on function and application:
The vaporizers, which are also called convection pipes, direct the heat from a jet lighter through the heating tube into the herbal chamber. In general, care should be taken not to set the flame too much inside the heat intake and not to pull it too slowly. It is also recommended for newcomers to examine the material between the trains more often to prevent a burn. When the material is vaporized, it is very dry and is therefore easier to ignite! The temperature regulation takes place during the vaporization by manual control of the pull speed and the proximity of the flame to the heating inlet. Everyone quickly finds a balance between tensile strength and heat supply. This way, steam is produced immediately, and there is no unnecessary heating in between. It requires some exercise to deal with this type of vaporizer. Each user must have their own hands-on experience to optimize the process for the right temperature and good results.


**bonus free cooling mouthpiece included in box

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