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DLX Pro Special in Red Heart by Dreamwood

Regular price $129.99

Dreamwood DLX Pro Special 

Multifunktional vaporizer with a male NS 14 ground glas joint and 18/14 adapter for the bong, as well as a glass mouthpiece, with which the DLX Pro serves as a portable hand vaporizer.

The water filter vaporizer for your bong, very small and handy and with the stable mouthpiece just great for on the road!

Butane powered, sustainable and handmade from natural materials.

Efficient and easy!

Producing steam with the DLX PRO is a children's game.

Due to the manual handling with a jetlighter, a very dense steam and a very light steam can be produced, as desired.

The DLX PRO woodparts are connected with a stainless steel tube .
The vaporizer is made up of 2 wooden parts, as well as 2 glass parts and 2 silicone rings.

Various types of wood from the classic production line are available.