Ditanium by Ditanium Vapor
Ditanium by Ditanium Vapor

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Super desktop vaporizer

Love this vaporizer, always thick clouds and very good taste. Only use it with weed, for that is perfect.

Daniel Savage
The Ditanium Is A Tank

First of all I'd like to say that I have been a Ditanium user since early November in 2019. I use the device almost daily, and in that time I have only had to purchase 1 quartz dish replacement. It wasn't completely necessary at the time, either. I could have put the replacement off for another several months had I wanted to.

Instead of going into a long, drawn out review, I'm going to make a list of pros & cons for the Ditanium. Then I'll mention what I'd change about the device given the chance.

- Excellent pricing when compared to other "good/popular" desktop vaporizers.
- Rock solid wooden construction.
- Tons of options for the unit, in terms of wood type, stain, etc.
- Small footprint (takes up very little desk space).
- The nail is recessed within the device, making things pretty "safe" overall.
- Monstrous vapor production with concentrates.
- Monstrous vapor production with dry herbs.
- If you prefer lower temps, there's a decent titanium carb cap that'll help with that.
- The mood lighting that's built into the device is a small christmas tree bulb, which means it's easy to change it.
- Very easy to use. Plug it in & turn the knob. That's it.
- Heats up quickly.
- EXTREMELY friendly & helpful customer service from the manufacturer.

- The quartz dish is small (too small to clean thoroughly with normal sized q-tips).
- The ti carb cap & "handpiece" are basically essential imho. They should raise MSRP & include them standard.
- I'm not aware of/can't locate any high end, 3rd party accessories for the Ditanium (if this is even a con).
- Can be a bit of a pain to disassemble the Ditanium for thorough cleaning.
- When using concentrates & dry herbs at the same time you'll have to put in a little effort to find the perfect temp. That said, the Ditanium is quite a bit less expensive than most devices that can do these "stacked" dabs (both concentrates & dry herb at the same time). So, much like the situation w/ high end, 3rd party accessories...this may not be an actual con either.

What I'd change:
- The size of the quartz dish. If it were 25-30mm one could use pearls, q-tip tech, 3rd party carb caps, etc.
- I wish the nail "housing" was magnetic, rather than threaded. This would make the device much, much easier to disassemble & clean thoroughly.

If you've been on the fence regarding the Ditanium, don't be anymore. Get yourself one of them. If you're cool with having a smaller dabbing surface, it's hard to NOT love this device. Again, I just wish it had a bigger dabbing surface and it were easier to disassemble.

I'd recommend the Ditanium to anyone who has an interest in concentrates/vaping.

Jeremy Corn
An excellent vaporizer

Simple, safe, effective -- the Ditanium is perfect for me.

Hard to find a flaw

Been using it non stop since it came in. Great all arounder, found a spot at my desk when many others did not. Highly recommend.