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DigiTi Vaporizer Whip Package by Herborizer

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New whip DigiTi combo vaporizer / enail (option) drived by a digital temperature controler, for a precise and stable control of the temperature
Compact and resistant, gentle inhalation flow


• Swirling heat convection vaporizer, variable temperature from 90 ° to 300 ° C, for the vaporization of dry medicinal plants and oils (in the home), optimized for complete extraction in 1 or 2 inhalation
    • The injector is equipped with a temperature sensor that displays the precise temperature of the titanium diffuser
    • The injector is controlled by the microprocessor of the digital temperature controller, for a precise and stable temperature and fast preheating less than 5 minutes
    • Enail function (option) with variable temperature from 170 ° C to 500 ° C, for concentrates vaporization (in direct contact on the diffuser)
    • All the elements as well as the sealed heating resistance are in titanium (grade 2)
    • Compact and resistant, gentle inhalation flow
    • Works on 100 / 240VAC and 12VDC

The set includes : body SHERLOCK, bowl Ti 18.8mm, 5 screens, injector Ti, 4 orings viton, titanium dabber, digital temperature controler, carry case, power supply and power cord

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The best you can ask for. 1000/10