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B2 Head Assembly by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $166.00

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you purchase an assembly that includes the SiC dish, you wil lbe sent the head assembly out without the sic dish and another order will be created for only the sic dish.  The second order will be shipped to you free of charge but will not be shipped until Cannabis Hardware is able to provide more dishes.  As of 5/14/22 we don't have a firm ETA but I suspect it may not be more than a few more weeks.  


Introduced in Aug-2021 The Baller is the newest head designed for the flowerpot ecosystem.

Started with the legendary Vrod head and machined away the inside to accommodate 58 Quartz 4 mm spheres. This design more than doubles the heater's surface area.

Instead of the straight air channels found in the Vrod, the balls create an obstructed air path forcing the air around the balls resulting in better efficiency.

You are able to customize your experience by using different material balls that are widely available. (Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz, SiC)

Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the flavor and performance of the head.

There are different options available so please be sure to read carefully before making your choice. 

Special notes.. 

1) Balls are optional but necessary in order for the device to work properly. 

 If you already own a VRod and just want to swap out the bottom to make it a baller style, purchase from this listing here.  The listing you are currently looking at is for those who need a whole head assembly.   All B2 Heads include the B2 nut for safety!


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
B2 Vrod

The B2 is honestly perfect for my needs. I have been using this as my main device since it arrived in the mail. Clean up is very easy. No complaints here. I didn't know what to get at first but Scott was so friendly and helpful, that I am so thankful for my purchase.

B2 flowerpot

This was quite the painless experience thanks to Scott. He had me all set up and ordered by me just messaging him some of the must haves on what I was considering purchasing. This was after hours on a holiday weekend and he took the time to set everything up so it would be plug and play for me. This alone beats the beats ordering from manufacturer imo. Vgoodiez is my new one stop shop for my vape needs!