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B2 Head Assembly by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $163.00

The B2 head assembly is made up of the dab top, B2 nut, optional diffuser, optional filler and optional dish.  It is optimized to work with the 22mm Screen Diffuser or Injector Diffuser so the balls are secured inside the sub assembly. 

The 22mm diffuser is the standard diffuser that works only with the shovelhead bowl.  It allows the heat to get closer to the load and you can also preheat the titanium bowl for some extra punch.  The 22mm diffuser wraps around the outside of the shovelhead bowl. 

The injector diffuser rests on the inside of the shovelhead bowl.  It also works with a number of other injector bowls on the market so it's a bit more versatile considering it still works with the shovelhead.  

Choose no filler if you have your own or select from 3mm boro, 3mm ruby or 4mm ruby.  Ruby has different thermal properties than boro.  It will allow for a lower operating temperature and recover quicker after draws.  3mm is going to provide slightly more draw restriction than 4mm.   

Choose no dish if you are purchasing this head assembly for flower only.  You might ask why not just get the B0 or B1?  Well the B2 has a bit more Titanium mass than those and it also has a little more air restriction.  Some folks prefer that for flower usage but don't want to do dabs.  We give you the option to not spend on the dish but get the max flower performance of the B2.  You can always purchase a dish later and add to use with concentrates.  Some folks would also dab right off the titanium but it might be difficult to dial in the correct temperature that way.  

All head assemblies include the B2 nut to safely hold the balls in place.  We give you an option to not get balls but please note, you do need something in order for this to work!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bruce quinney
B2 head assembly

My assembly and coil arrived assembled and hit hard out of the box. Will definitely be a return customer. From north of the border 🇨🇦

Awesome Head!

Really enjoying this head over the B1, and the shovelhead bowl that works injector heads rocks. Super fast shipping and the best customer service around!

Kevin S.
hits like a champ

Best hitting vape I've ever used. At 700f I can take a bowl almost in one hit. Doubledeckers are fun too.

I wss originally sent a wrong piece, support shipped me out the correct one immediately and with extras. Top notch support.

Not a fan.

I was told that this is the endgame ballvape(not by Vgoodiez) and it really is not that for me.
Shipping was awesome as always.