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B1 Head Assembly

Regular price $115.00

FlowerPot "B-1" Head Assembly

The new nut has a groove over the top of the threads to accommodate a 3/4" Ti screen and therefore is optimized to work with the Ball Diffuser so balls are secured inside the sub assembly. This is another addition to the baller lineup.


B1 Head Assembly (7007):

- B-1 Nut (3227)

- Screen Diffuser (3408)

Filler Material

-3MM Boro (1 x

- 3MM Rubies (2 x

- 4MM Rubies (1 x


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
B1east mode

The B1 is a beast! I’m using it with the injector diffuser into the Elev8r bowl. It extracts so purely and so evenly! The taste and vapor produced are amazing! Scott at Vgoodiez was really helpful with this purchase and it was shipped super quick! Thank you!

B1 Upgrade

First off. Scott is the freaking man. I have never seen someone care about their customers so much.

B1 over the Weedeater is night and day. Lower temps, tighter draw and big clouds!


The B1 is the best of the best!! I have the Weedeater and wanted to upgrade to the B1 for the Rubies!! It enhances the Weedeater in every way!! The B1 retains heat and can rip through bowls!! A bowl is spent in 1 or 2 rips!! Draw speed is no longer a issue with the B1!! Huge, fat rips every single time!! This has become my #1 Heavy!!!! Absolutely love the B1😤!!!! Vgoodiez/Scott took care of me as always👍👊!!!! This is the best Store/Company around and has exceptional costumer service😃!!!!