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Assassin Stem by Joe King

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  • 65x12mm
  • 8mm Hole within the Stem
  • 7mm wall within the stem used for multiple functions.
  • Works with All Dynavap Tips, Caps, and Standard Condensers, XL Condenser with Spinning Mouth Piece, No Condenser, Simrell Intercooler.
  • Functions as a 14mm & 10mm WPA (Water Piece Adapter)
  • O’ring ( 3/8” ID 1/2”OD 1/16” Width) Supplied Provides an Air Tight Seal.
  • Air Port so you can manually control the Air Flow or Close the Air Port Off Completely due to the 7mm wall within the stem and an alternate Condenser Set up within the stem.
  • Standard Condenser can be Substituted for Simrell Intercooler.
  • Designed to be Used with all Dynavap Tips, Caps, and Standard Condensers. (Sold Separately)

Condenser Set Up 1
For Free Air Flow Controlled By Air Port. (See Fig.1)

Condenser Set Up 2
For a Completely Closed Off Air Port. This Setting is Perfect For Using with a Water Piece. (See Fig.2)

Intercooler & No Condenser
The Assassin Stem can function with No condenser, or you can place a Simrell Intercooler inside the top of the stem just below the tip. (See Fig.3)

It’ll rest perfectly on a 7mm wall within the stem. (See Fig.4)

If you hold the stem with the airport facing down and cover the airport half way with your thumb, the Intercooler actually spins within the stem creating a cyclone of cool vapor shooting straight into your mouth.

We recommend completely covering the airport with your thumb and feather the airport thus spinning the Intercooler.

See Fig.5 to see the Intercooler will look like within the stem.

An O ring fits snug around the middle Rim of the stem. Here is were you can hold your O ring when not in use. (See Fig.6)

O’ring around the lower middle rim will allow the Stem to function as 14mm WPA (Water Piece Adapter) thus creating an air tight seal. (See Fig.7)

O’ring in Bottom Position was Designed so that the Stem may also be used as a 10mm WPA although you may have to hold it against the Water Piece. (See Fig.8)

Now Enjoy All the Features of the Assassin Stem to the Fullest!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
明典 井ノ口

Cool and sturdy. It's even better if the air holes are a little smaller.

I really like this stem

Titanium with some really good design features. Easy to spin, fits all my parts, and hits like a truck. Doesn't get hot even after multiple heat cycles in my IH.

My only complaint is the need for O rings to get it to work with a water pipe. Seems kinda lazy to rely on a breakable and disposable part to get such an important feature to work properly. A taper built into the stem would have been much better in my opinion. It's a minor gripe but it's literally the only thing I found to complain about with this stem.

Craig Boswell

Just got it and couldn't wait to try it. It's solid, has great feeling the hand and while hitting. I'll be using this until better comes a long

Patrick Pierpont
Nice body

If your lookiing for a strait shooter and lotes of air flow get your self this stem for the Dynavap...