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Aromatizer Classic Edition by Collyland

Regular price $550.00

Handmade from Germany!  This is a vaporizer and water piece all in one.  100% Convection, it RIPS!  

Every vaporizer comes with a matching bowl as a filling aid and an infinitely variable 110V transformer.  

Benefits of Dr. Colly's Aromatizer:


1) optics

  • Fascination at first sight: wonderful effect glazes and unique design. 

 2) acoustics

  • Pleasant bubbling, no roaring blower or balloon rustling.


3) Use and application


  • Excellent vapor development and easy handling with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material.
  • No throat irritation - the chillum with diffuser ensures gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the steam from remaining fine particles.
  • No plastic - you have never tasted your herb so pure and delicious, just like food, it simply tastes better if no plastic is used.
  • On-demand operation, no waste when not in use, no loss due to deposits in the tube or balloon.
  • Pull lightly and little or strongly and abundantly - everything is equally possible.
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation.


4) sophistication

  • No plastic bags or tubes on the face, the consuming person looks natural and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to something special: All vaporizers are handcrafted - how many handcrafted items do you have in your household?


5) sustainability

  • Saves money and resources: no hidden subscription or expensive add-ons (expensive plastic bags or tubes to buy). 
  • The Classic Aromatizer is wear-free, no parts have to be bought!

 Easy to clean with hot water, a bottle brush and any natural cleaning solution.


This unit may require an adult signature and be priced accordingly due to PACT ACT legislation.  Price includes insurance as we have had a few of these break in transit.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Fussy but worth it

Okay, I was a huge pain in the ass about this thing, and I really don't love the learning curve. But it's gorgeous and hits like a truck when it's dialed in.


Seriously a great experience with terrific vapor quality and flavor. Very few vapes can match the cool smooth inhalation feeling and still have that much power. I have really enjoyed using it so much since I got it. I most likely will buy more of these beautiful pieces in other styles at some point in the future and that is the only problem I can find. It really truly is the art of vapor.

Vape Buddy
Heavy Hitter

This is first and foremost an art piece. It needs to be cared for because of its unique nature, including that each bowl is mated to its device. So you need to be careful! But with that being said it's worth it in every way. There isn't a vape that has the same vape signature as this bad boy. Every hit feels like taking a breath of fresh air. I think ideally this thing is best for people who have been vaping for awhile and have a bunch of other devices they can use/compare this to. It's a heavy hitter that continues to impress a vape veteran like myself.

Exceptional in every way

This is an amazing device in so many ways. It's exceedingly simple and allows for everything from small to large doses. I find it really shines as a session device starting with unground flower, then as you stir also break apart the bud and feel the aroma and flavors change. The only dialed control is a simple voltage setting on the power unit; everything else you are able to shape and form to match your mood and develop your own ritual. Cleaning is exceedingly simple and easy given the large cross sectional areas that allow for effortless draws. The design is beautiful to me and I would absolutely replace if damaged.