Angus by YLLVAPE (Check with YLL on warranty)


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Good Unit

I’m primarily a dynavap user but wanted to try something battery powered and more mobile without a torch. Vapor production is great, but still learning how to be more effective. Unit heats up fast and delivers great flavor. Much better session use than the dynavap between a larger chamber and the slower convection heating.

Marc Johnston
Hits as hard as my desktop vape

Love the fact that it uses normal 18650 batteries, and charging with USB-C is quite fast. As everyone says, the Angus has a ton of flavor in the hits. I tend to not use the dosing capsules, as I seem to get more flavor without them, although I am glad they are included. Speaking of included, the case is very nice, and holds everything you need. My only grips is that in back to back usage, it does get pretty warm, but I guess that is to be expected using a halogen bulb as the heating element! Just get on, you will not be disappointed!

Big clouds, great value

Puts out great clouds, great taste. I use it natively only. For the price, it’s a steal. My Mighty and my AVLP are gathering dust

It’s all true

Everything that I read about the Angus before purchasing is accurate. The initial hits are absurdly flavorful and remain flavorful well into the session. The vapor is thick, not particularly or noticeably harsh and ABV is consistently a dark coffee-grounds brown. I recommend the stem adapter and have recently been alternating between a spiked glass and VonG stem. Using the WPA and hitting it through a bubbler, wet or dry is also great especially, after you’ve finally extracted all the flavor at lower temps, when cranking up the heat to finish up the tail end of a bowl.