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Angus by YLLVAPE

Regular price $199.00

Product Features:

  • Halogen Heating Technology (light is concealed during operation for discreetness)
  • Variable Temp Control (Five Settings)
  • Powered by two 18650 batteries (not included).  You will need two of them and need to keep them matched.  Meaning they should be charged together and only used together in this device.  Recommendations for 18650 batteries are below.  
  • Bulb is NOT user replaceable but rated for 2000 hours.  In the event warranty work is required on the bulb, it may be returned to VGoodiEZ for service.  You don't have a paperweight just because the bulb dies!  
  • Single Button Operation
  • 5 Temp Settings (180C/356F, 190C/375F, 200C/395F. 210C/410F, 220C/428F).  Also offers boost mode in each setting.  Simply hold the button.  The unit will vibrate once when it boosts 10 degrees Celsius while you maintain holding the button.   
  • Weight is 11.8 ounces with two 18650 batteries installed.  For reference the Mighty weighs 8.4.  The Angus weight comes from the additional wood and stainless steel used in construction whereas the Mighty is all plastic.  
  • Depending on your usage/temp setting and batteries you use, you should expect in the ballpark of 9-10 sessions before the two 18650 batteries are depleted. 
  • Rough dimensions: Height-5 inches, Width-3 Inches, Thickness-1.25 inches
  • Includes brush and two stainless steel loading capsules.  
  • Includes Carrying Case and Extra Glass Mouthpiece Stem
  • 1 Year Manufacturers warranty

Introduction Video

Batteries not Included!  Do consider purchasing from a REPUTABLE SOURCE like the links below.  We have no affiliation with this company, we just know they are legit and sell legit batteries and chargers!  Avoid Amazon and Ebay as there are lots of fakes!  You can use the Angus to charge the batteries but an external battery charger is highly recommended!  

Molicel 18650 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Sears
Consistent and Efficient

I am very pleased with the Angus Vape and it's a valued addition to my huge collection of dry herb vapes. I currently only use dry herb vapes with dosing capsules (except my Ball Vape and Volcano) and even then still use the capsules in the Volcano sometimes. I do appreciate the alternative heating method.

A tasty new device

First off, the service from VGoodieZ was steller as usual. No one out there beats em.

On to Angus ... this little boy sure does put out the terps. I'm using the MonG adapter head with a TRWW 14mm 6" spikey stem atm, but a waterpiece (sans water or not) or j-hook work well. Believe the hype, this device is real and really is "good to the last toke". Well made and professionally presented Angus certainly is in rotation and I'm enjoying it.

Watch out S&B

Let's face it, this vape is in direct competition with the Mighty and in most categories the Angus wins. If you are looking for a session only portable, this one will give you big abs tasty clouds for a great price.

And of course, if you order it here you'll have it in your hands before you know it bc Scott is the fastest shipper after Amazon!

Fluffy vapor, enjoyable portable.

Really happy with my Angus purchase it performs well and the hits are very smooth and fluffy. Even though it’s a battery portable it has very nice vapor quality for smoothness and flavor and is probably my favorite battery vape at the moment (have both S&B, TM and FW7 plus quite a few more) because it delivers lots of tasty vapor without irritation.