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90 degree Heat Intake by Dreamwood

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Dreamwood heat intake tube 90 ° angle

The universal heat intake tube with 90 ° angle.
Mouth blown, for a perfect airflow!

The hot air must be able to heat up the herbs unhindered, so there is no bottleneck at the bend.
The heat intake tubes are mouth blown again within the curve after bending, so there is no constriction at the crease
The flow of the hot air always remains the same thanks to the inflated curve part.
There is no unnecessary acceleration of the air through a bottleneck.

Highest laboratory glass quality, borosilicate glass.
Fits all Dreamwood Vaporizers.
DLX , Dobby, Punch, Vapopipe, Horizon.

Customer Reviews

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Best kind of intake

This is the best kind of intake - it’s a perfect bend. Dreamwood don’t kink at the bend like others. This is exceptional glass & it’s my favorite color - clear cuz it’s everywhere :)