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14mm Octobowl by Grav

Regular price $15.00

The 14mm GRAV® Male Octobowl is compatible with any 14mm female joint. Its glass screen is designed to catch ash and tar and hold plant matter in place, and an arm on the side of the bowl allows for safe handling. The Octobowl's substantial capacity is designed for use with larger water pipes and upright bubblers.


Designed by: Dave Daily
Filtration type: Glass Screen
Joint: 14mm Male
Use with: Flower


These unfortunately do not work great with the DC Elev8R (19mm bowls do and are larger), which is really the only reason we offer them. The quartz heater sits on top of the bowl and you can't really get a great seal.  This does however work nicely with the Neo as the bowl and chimney diameter are identical (silicone makes perfect seal).  Just stack on top, even use without the silicone seal.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works well for me

I built a Pinky ball vape using a slightly different nozzle. Mine has about a 10mm opening in the bottom making this the perfect glass screen bowl for it. Worked out great.

Glass hot rod bowl🤪

The 14mm grav bowl works awesome with the hot rod. Sits on top like the wood bowl. I broke the glass screen out. Much better😂