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MV PID Controller by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $300.00

The ultimate collaboration between American Craftmanship and latest PID technology! 


Cannabis Hardware STAND


Billett aluminum Cover

For FlowerPot, DCup and TBucket systems.

Fits all NV FlowerPot and DCup Accessories. 

3 dabber holes, 3 dabber cap holes, 4 threaded holes and 1 Carb Cap.

Made in the USA

The introduction of MaxVapor PID electronics into the NV environment opens up endless possibilities. Modern tech makes its way into our lineup vape to provide Wifi and Bluetooth access to presets, temp changes and an array of tools to personalize your MaxVapor experience through the available MV Dashboard. 



Coils sold separately  


The most advanced E-Nail. No Contenders.


Designed by Daily Dabbers.


The MaxVapor Desktop Unit is the culmination of years of user feedback and feature refinement .


2 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Onboard Bluetooth LE and WiFi.

Engineered and Hand Assembled in the USA.

Open Platform.

Free Firmware Upgrades for Life.

Automatic Shutoff.

Self Cleaning.

Temperature Offset.

Custom Nail Profiles.

Stabilized Ramp "Uptemp" Mode.

Continuous Data Logging.

High-Accuracy Temperature Controller.

High-Efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply.

Modern Microcontroller.

Three-Axis Accelerometer.

Amplified Audio.

Solid State Relay 



1 - Power (Blue)

2 - Power (blue)

3 - Thermocoupler (red)

4 - Thermocoupler (black)

5 - ground (yellow

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