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Revolve Gen2 by MadHeaters

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The Revolve is beautifully contoured, slimline, lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in the hand.
The fins provide maximum heat extraction in tandem with the inner helical airflow system for exceptional cooling performance.

Adjustable Airport,
The Key to Tailor-made Experience

Our fully adjustable airport can be used in the position of your choice while utilising the OPEN and BYPASS airflow options. We encourage you to try different settings until you find your favourite, this way you can get consistent results every time.


With the Draw Resistance Control Airflow Tube you can choose either the mouth-to-lung (MTL) option for slower and tighter draws or direct-lung (DL) for powerful and long draws with increased airflow.

Personalize the balance of cooling and flavor with the adjustable air and vapor path.


Expand the capabilities of your Revolve Stem even further with the optional Direct Airflow Tube - Improved flavor and cooler Sleeve temperature, but warmer vapor.

Lockable Spinning Mouthpiece

The Revolve is a breeze to use with a lighter thanks to it's built in smooth-spinning mouthpiece. Using an induction heater or just want it fixed? You can simply lock or unlock the mechanism with a quick o-ring adjustment.

Reclaim Filter

The removable screen acts as a particulate filter as well as catching some of the reclaim before it has a chance to gunk up the cooling spiral. This extends the number of sessions before deep cleaning is required. Pro tip - When the screen is full you can place the whole thing in your next bowl for a cheeky reclaim bonus.


  • Customizable Cooling and Airflow
  • Adjustable Airport
  • Draw Resistance Control
  • Lockable Spinning Mouthpiece
  • Removable Reclaim Filter
  • 10mm Water-piece compatibility
  • Grade 5 Titanium, 18g, 81mm (XL size), 12mm ø


What’s Included:

  • Revolve Stem (with DRC Airflow Tube)
  • Secondary Cooling Unit
  • 3 Mesh Filters
  • Set of Light Grey and Black O-rings
  • Cleaning / Storage Tube
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • User Manual (Download PDF)

TIP/CAP NOT INCLUDED but required to use this product!


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