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Zam Grinder with PTFE Debowler and Bucket by Zam Grinders

Regular price $50.00

Great for travel these have a built in PTFE storage area as well as debowler/ABV collector!  

Grinder Specifications

  • 1.1" in diameter, 3.7" in length.
  • CNC'd from solid block of aluminum 6061.
  • Manufactured in China
  • Anodized to prevent scratches/surface wear
  • 100 micron stainless steel screen
  • PTFE O-ring for smooth turning
  • Optional PTFE lining/de-bowler
  • Ultrasonically cleansed to remove leftover unwanted manufacturing contaminants.
  • Parts are manufactured in China then assembled in the United States
  • Full 6 month warranty. Limited lifetime warranty. 
  • PTFE (Teflon) inserts included!
  • Bonus PTFE Funnel included!

Customer Reviews

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Great travel grinder or for use out and about

Great grinder for use out and about. The debowler works well for dynavaps.