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Hopper io (Grasshopper) in Stainless Steel by Hopper Labs

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io = instant on

Hopper io belongs to a new class of dry herb vaporizer — pure convection, pure flavor, instantly ready to use.

No Heat-up Time

The Titanium Hopper io has an additional 5 watts of power over the stainless steel. A 70 watt, pure convection heater allows for zero startup time and more power delivery than any other portable vaporizer.

Perfect Temperature Range

Titanium not only allows cooler operation, but is 30% lighter and more durable when compared to stainless steel. As a biocompatible performance metal, titanium is the perfect material for Hopper io.

Low Draw Resistance

To take advantage of the increased heating power, the Titanium Hopper io has the lowest draw resistance of any Hopper ever built — delivering vapor faster than ever before.

Perfect Temperature Range

The smooth mechanical dial gives instant access to a wide temperature range: 130-230C or 220-430F.

Pure Flavor

Combine the only USA-built pure convection heater with 95% metal construction and you get only the flavors of your flower.

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are built in the USA by a small and dedicated team of engineers. With every detail refined to perfection, Hopper io sets the standard for robustness.

Replaceable Battery

A battery that can be swapped any time, any where is a must have. With the ability to easily drop in as much power as you need, you'll never be waiting.

Magnetic Charging

Hopper io ships with a patented magnetic charging ring which slips over the power button. Powered by any USB port, you can charge up almost anywhere.

Temperature control done right.

The Hopper io is designed for performance and reliablity. A precision-machined dial, inlaid with high-contrast ultra black POM gives you clear and accurate temperature control from 180-230C. Every internal contact is gold-plated, yielding 60% better power transmission and putting that extra power into your pocket.

No Apps Required

The dial gives easy access to a continuous temperature range between 180-230C. Smooth rotation and high visibility make temp-switching a breeze. Your session has never been this dynamic.

A Mixing of Atoms

Low resistance contacts are now everywhere. Brass threads on the backend means power transmission to the body has never been this efficient. A better connection with smoother action and longer life.

Going Gold

Gold contacts yield a 60% improvement in internal resistance giving you: more power, no heat-up time and 40% better battery life. Hopper io is an experience like no other.

10x Better Power Transmission

0 Heat-up Time

Self Cleaning

Raised bumps on the battery contact scrape away build-up, keeping the surface clean over time.

Replaceable Battery

Fast and easy battery swaps keep your Hopper io running longer.


Some accessories shiwn are optional and for sale separately.  

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