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Woodscents AromaLog - Mango Wood - VGoodiez Exclusive by Ed's TnT

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Exclusive Mango Wood species for VGoodiez this Woodscents stem can be used as a carbless Dynavap or as a stem for your Woodscents.  Includes new upgraded heater!  

1 Hand turned WoodScents Titanium AromaLog 
1 Vapcap cap
1 3" 14mm matching wood tapered stem with condenser
1 14/18mm matching wood water pipe attachment without condenser
1 WoodScents 14mm glass water pipe adapter, w/2 conical screens
1 12V power adapter
1 Inline rotary temp control
1 right angle extension cable (cord from inline rotary temp dial to WoodScent)
1 extra Ti screen
1 pack extra Ti tip o-rings (4 o-rings)
1 tin Bomb Ass Butter wood conditioner

WoodScents Warranty

The WoodScents itself has a lifelong for electrical/power parts as well as the internals and heating element. User must retain proof of purchase for warranty service. Shipping costs for warranty repair of the WoodScents is the responsibility of the customer. All warranty and repairs will be made upon the discretion of Ed's TnT.

Glass is not covered under this warranty. The warranty does also not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.


Customer Reviews

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Awesome vape

I really like this vape, it’s classy, has lots of options for use, and it’s unique. It functions very well so far, it will definitely take some time/practice to dial it in right with temps, draw strength, grind consistency, and overall technique. For me I like the Ti stuff at about a 7 and the glass set to like 8-9. The thing definitely rips hard with the Ti if you want to, you can get nice flavor from the glass but it’s not as thick nasty as the Ti stuff. If I’m trying to taste I’ll use the all glass stem with screen. If I’m looking to get housed I’ll use the vapcap or or the wood wpa. You can definitely smoke with this if you want too, on 10 it will char the herbs and is similar in flavor maybe a little better than a joint if that’s your thing. I get a nice flavor/cloud from 7ish for now. I put thus on a smart WiFi outlet from online super store and that’s pretty awesome for this. I can set schedules to have it pop on after work or just remote click it on from the couch. Would highly recommend the smart outlet for this device