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Punch in Bubinga by Dreamwood

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The Punch is Dreamwood's portable home vaporizer.
Quadratic, practical, good! Huge clouds of steam in seconds!
Full flavor through convection technology!
Due to the extended steam path and the curved glass mouthpiece, the steam is ideally cooled!
The herbal chamber is tightly closed by a stainless steel sleeve when joining the parts and the two halves of the vaporizer are securely held together by magnets.

A new positioning of the magnets in Version V2 gives the two halves of the vaporizer more hold. The air vortex in front of the herb chamber is now placed with only one hole at the front instead of two on the sides.
Curved shapes and wood with beautiful grain, as well as natural wood colors are trademarks of Dreamwood and so every Dreamwood vaporizer is unique! Produced in small series and unique in its form and color!
Spare parts and accessories: screens, o-rings, "honest" jet-lighter, vaporizer stir stick and woodcare polish.
Dimensions: 2.5 cm narrow, 7 cm high and 7.5 cm long (without glass tube)


Our vaporizers use a gas jet lighter (jet flame) to generate the hot air stream, which results in immediate vaporization of the selected material. The body of the vaporizer is made of fine wood and polished. The tube for the hot air supply and the draft tube are made of high quality borosilicate glass, which is easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

A large herbal chamber and additional fresh air supply, as well as a continuous and resistance-free airway make the Dreamwood vaporizer to the best of its kind.

The steam taste is unadulterated and much more natural than with plastic appliances.
The entire airway is made of natural materials and you will not notice any odors other than the different woods.
Many aromatic wood species are traditionally also used for aromatherapy purposes.
All materials used, e.g. The O-rings are harmless to health (Silicon FDA FDA regulations).
Always with versatile tools, spare parts and wood care polish.  Walnut oil with beeswax are natural, seal and protect the wood and give new shine.

Further notes on function and application:
The vaporizers we also call convection pipes conduct the heat from a jet lighter through the heating tube into the herbal chamber. It takes some practice to deal with this type of vaporizer.
In general, always make sure not to set the flame too high and not to inhale too slowly.  It is also recommended for newcomers to inspect the material between the inhalations more often to prevent a burn. 
Every user has to have his own practical experience for the right temperature and good results in order to optimize the procedure. The temperature regulation takes place during vaporising by manually influencing the pulling speed and the proximity of the flame to the heating / inlet pipe. Here, everyone quickly finds a balance between tensile strength and heat. So you immediately produce vapor and has no unnecessary heating in the breaks between inhaling.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect name for an amazing vape

Amazing butane vape from dreamwood, really delivers a "punch". The Bubinga looks amazing even better in person than in the picture. Great service and fast shipping.