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DotLeaf V1.5 by DotLeaf

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Included with the dotLeaf is a 14mm & 18mm adapter, allowing the dotLeaf to be used with any of your favorite water pipes


With the dotLeaf’s easy to remove ceramic chamber, cleaning and refilling the chamber is incredibly easy. The chamber is encased in PBT for ultimate heat dissipation.

Unit does not come with a battery.  An 18650 battery is required.  I'd recommend a high drain battery of 20A or greater.  Reputable sources are also important.  No Amazon or eBay as fakes are common.  We suggest this source and batteries:



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Montanez
Dotleaf 1.5

This lil fella is really nifty! Does the job in all temps. The adapters are clutch and do the trick. The button functionality and the instructions on the inside, genius! The chamber easy to fill and clean.

My only gripe is it's get a wee bit hot and if you wanna enjoy though without the WPAs, grab a longer mouthpiece, vapor campfire warm...

Not really a big deal to me but I've noticed it's a common issue throughout the internet.

In conclusion, I enjoy using this device. If you can get past the heat situation, not bad if you want tasty hits in a lil convection vaporizer.

John Bryant
.Dotleaf version 1.5

I love this little thing

Ben Taylor
Best portable on the market!

Tried everything else, this is the one.

Good little device but has one flaw that is being addressed.

First just want to say Vgoodiez delivered and processed my order quickly and promptly with it everything arriving above expected. Excellent company as I have purchased also from them in the past with absolutely great service. Now to the device. The Dotleaf is a excellent little device as it works as intended, with a nice small form factor and design as is Dotmods AIO vaping devices they also manufacture. One MAJOR flaw with the Dotleaf, and which they seem to be addressing is the removable Ultem heating chamber (which can Ultemly be a deal breaker...see what I did there ;). Within three standard cycles, the Ultem exterior shell of the chamber has multiple cracks on which where the plated connector pin makes contact with the bottom internal connection on the enclosure. It seems that the thin Ultem can not withstand the heat, and develops stress cracks while the chamber is installed and under compression from the springs force that maintains the tanks conductivity as well as keeping it in place. As they state that this is merely "cosmetic", but I slightly disagree as eventually the small cracks will lead to the exterior having pieces come off once the fractures meet up over time. With just 2 more cycles from the inital use, fractures have continued to grow/spread.
In the process now of dealing direct with Dotmod, and hoping it turns out for the best as this seems to be a developing issue with many users from a quick genral search. They also seem to be working on revised tanks, but just be aware that this will 99% happen to all the orignal Ultem chambers so just be prepared to have to purchase additional ones or wait to purchase the revised ones once they become available.

Hi Jason, if you are having issues with the ovens DotLeaf is taking care of them. This is a brand new product and these things happen. I would not be stocking this if I thought this was a problem DotLeaf would not address. If you are having issues with them not following through please contact us. Just keep this in mind in the future, you may want to let the first production run or two run out prior to jumping on with a new device. What is happening here is unfortunately very common but it's how the company reacts that matters.