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The Jet Pack Attachments for Shell-Shock / Tectonic Stems by BBV

Regular price $30.00

Take your Shell-Shock/Tectonic Stem to a new Paradigm.  Choose from a long or short mouthpiece extension and/or lengthen your hot end for a cooler temperature experience.  Plus it just looks damn cool!

Material:  Stainless Steel


x1 510 Tip Base

x1 Long Threaded Tip

x1 Short Threaded Tip

x1 "Silencer" Stem Extension  

*Stem in pic not included 

*Compatible with Shell-Shock or Tectonic Stem packages 

*Accessory only- Requires midsection and Dynavap Tip/Cap to function.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jet Pack extends the Dyna vibe

I am enjoying using the Jet Pack accessories with my Dynavap tips. The extended length helps with cooling and adds a nice balance to the BB stems. I use the long mouthpiece for native hits, and use the original one for wp use. I got one extender on to a BB9 glass tube and made an even longer air path .Very nice.

A Must Have

If you have a Tectonic or Shellshock- Do yourself a favor and grab ones of these. You won't be disappointed.


The Jet pack is amazing. It turned my 8.5 Tectonic into a 10!!! Just what it needed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jet Pack is Jet Setting my Shell Shock

Man I already loved the Shell Shock stem, it is by far my favorite stem of all my aftermarket or stock Dynavap stems. But I wanted to add the length and looks of the Jet Pack to it. I absolutely love the extra weight and length. The added bonus was the lighter but stronger pulls. And how many puffs I can get our of a heat cycle. Very smooth, cool, and big clouds. This really takes a Dynavap to the next level.