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Power and Temperature Controlled Induction Heater by YLLVAPE

Regular price $149.00

Product Features:

OLED display

Power control 30W –70W

Temperature control 100 ℃–230℃

Portable size 4.34in x 2.38in x 0.94in

Heat up timer

Session counter

Temperature sensor

Three button operation

USB -C charging

Built in Magnet for decapping (under the logo)

Roughly 40-50 clicks per full battery charge depending on usage 

Size 110mm x 63mm x 22mm

What's in the box:

  • Induction Heater
  • USB-C Cable
  • Rubber Stoppers
  • User manual 

Warranty is 6 months from purchase date.  Customers within the United States can handle warranty through VGoodiEZ.  Customers outside can work with VGoodiEZ or YLLVAPES. 

Unfortunately this WILL NOT work with the Vestratto Anvil.  The coil and opening is about 2mm shy of what it needs to be to fit.   

This is also NOT to be used with the FULL METAL JACKET.  That is for torch use only and using it with this heater can damage it and void the warranty.   

**These can only be shipped via USPS domestically via UPSP Parcel Select Service.  NO UPS.  

Sorry no international shipping on this item.  You can consider using a freight forwarder service like https://www.reship.com/ but we cannot ship this item outside the United States.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome little Induction heater

This is the only induction heater I have ever used and it is doing what is supposed to do. Battery lasts about 50-60 clicks. I don't really care for the temperature option, generally only use the power option; set it 60 watts and away I go! I have been using it all day everyday for several weeks and have had zero issues. It is small enough to take with you, but provides decent life. It takes roughly 90 minutes to charge, as I recharge when I have 1 battery bar left. If you are on the fence, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Brian McGarrah
Very solid IH, I'm digging it.

I used Watt mode exclusively. I tend to float around 50-60 watts and it works very well. I've used it with both SS and titanium tips as well as the FMJ. My personal preference is no FMJ and SS tip but maybe I didn't experiment enough with the FMJ to find an optional technique. Zero regrets with this unit.

I tend to run a little past the clicks so the seconds timer is useful. I get around 40-50 heat cycles before needing to recharge but my settings and technique might be hindering battery life a bit.

Is it necessary if you already have an IH? That's up to you to decide but personally speaking, I consider this to be a solid upgrade to my Apollo unit.

Kenneth Morgan

Onec you take a moment before medicating to set up the perfect temp for your liking having no fear of combusting is hands down game changing. Add the FMJ and GAME OVER 💯

Chris Speaks
Greatly little IH

Still playing but so far been impressed with this little induction heater. Temperature and watts can't go wrong.