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Wax Maxer by 7th Floor

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The Wax Maxer is the newest most advanced concentrate pen to hit the market!

Designed by 7th Floor. This is their first concentrate pen to hit the market, and they did it right. Built on the same technology as the legendary Silver Surfer Vaporizer's ceramic heater for durability, you will not be disappointed. The unit is designed to work with any 510 thread mod or vape battery so long as you do not go over 10 watts. We have tried it and it works to go over 10 watts, and we did get bigger clouds, but the manufacturer recommends against it. This pen is not designed for giant hits, as the ceramic heater is designed to run a lower temperatures than a coil. This allows the concentrate vape to deliver the most flavorful hits that a connoisseur demands. Check out the features below!

Wax Maxer Pen Top Features

    • Fits any 510 thread

    • Works on any Box MOD that can adjust wattage to 10 watts

    • Safely operates at 10 watts to deliver amazing flavor

    • Ceramic heater for long life and amazing flavor

    • No leak heater design

    • Removable mouthpiece with built in dab tool

    • Turbulator for smooth unrestricted airflow and amazing flavor

Wax Maxer Pen Top Features

    • Fine tune your vapor hits from 6 watts to as hot as you want to go (for longer heater life, avoid going past 10 watts)

  • Can be used with any 510 concentrate of e-juice set up



****Mod Battery NOT INCLUDED****

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