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Which Lotus Vaporizer Package is right for me?

Posted by Scott VGoodiEZ on

Already know you want a butane vape and are looking at the Lotus?  Can't decide which package is for you?  Read on and we will try to make it easy for you!

First off, the cap.  They make two different types of caps in two different colors. The first type is the smaller standard original cap. Works the same, but just is a little smaller. The other type is the larger saucer cap. Works the same, just gives you a bit more wood insulation which may be more comfortable for cap removal on extended sessions. Otherwise they come in all silver or black accents. That is just aesthetic and we only carry the black.  In the past Lotus made standard and "high temp" caps.  These days they are all high temp so no need to worry unless you are purchasing from a vendor with stock laying around for a while.  We only have the newest gear.  

So after you decide which cap size you want (we carry both and have packages for both) you really need to determine which bundle is best for you.  First you need to decide if you intend to use the Lotus dry or through water or perhaps you'd like the option to do both.  The bundles range in price from $140-215 so that of course could be a factor as well.  

The least expensive bundle is $140 and it includes the WPA (Water Pipe Adapter) and Cap.  This is great if you already have glass or a J hook.  It gets you into a Lotus at a reasonable price for such high quality vapor.  

The most expensive package is the $215 VaporScope package with the larger Saucer Cap ($205 with Standard Cap).  The VaporScope is sort of a new wrinkle on a traditional Sherlock (aka J Hook).  The VS is really perfect for the Lotus.  It works with both Standard and Saucer Caps but not just any old Saucer Cap.  Since the cap is larger it must be notched out to fit in the Lotus.  The Standard Package works without wood modification to the cap.  The benefit of the VS is that you have the perfect vision and ergonomics to operate the Lotus.  You can see the vapor forming and see how thick it is through the bulb window at the top of the scope.  And the grip is comfortable and enables the perfect angle of torching for max results. 

The package comes with a a cap, a WPA and the all glass VaporScope.  The glass is breakable but provides that premium taste.  The WPA is 14mm Male to fit the 14mm female VaporScope but Lotus also makes a 14mm Female for those with older glass.  Just like the WPA bundle, you can take this WPA and the Lotus Cap to use with any glass in your collection.  The Lotus is an absolute beast through water/glass.  It provides some of the most tasty and dense vapor of any vaporizer out there, butane or not.  

The packages in between are a mixture of combination packages which may include a glass J Hook made by GravLabs (which has a low swoop for good vision of the Lotus, not all J Hooks are good this way).  Other packages have a steel hard pipe which is great for outdoor use!  

Whatever you decide the Lotus Vaporizer is an excellent choice.  No batteries to die.  Huge Vapor clouds.  Indirect Heating providing top shelf tasty rips.  It's really hard to beat this bang for buck being able to get in at $140!

Please let us know of any questions (here or at sales@vgoodiez.com )a thanks for checking us out!  



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